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Day 2 of Woosong Sports Day: A Celebration of Energy, Competition, and Community

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SolBridge Sports Day: A Celebration of Energy, Competition, and Community

The second day of SolBridge Sports Day was full of excitement and competition, as teams competed to become the champions in three sports: Basketball, Tug of War, and Relay Racing. The energy on campus was palpable, a testament to the spirit and enthusiasm of SolBridgers.


Everywhere we go-o, people want to know-ow

The basketball tournament kicked off the day with a series of intense matches. Teams demonstrated not only their technical skills but also teamwork on the field. Following the basketball games, the focus shifted to the tug-of-war competition, a true test of strength and teamwork. The games were fierce, each pull was a testament to the collective strength and coordination of the participants. The relay races brought a burst of energy to the afternoon, with teams competing in a series of fast-paced and energetic races. For every match, SolBridgers were always there cheering with our famous chants and giving our unwavering support to the players.











Congratulations to our incredible athletes on winning 3 different sports:

🥇1st Place in Relay Race

🥈2nd Place in Basketball

🥉3rd Place in Tug of War


Huge thanks to Woosong University and the SolBridge Student Council for organizing this amazing event. And a special shoutout to everyone who came to support our teams – your energy and encouragement made all the difference!

An unforgettable day for SolBridgers

As the competitions drew to a close, the grand finale was nothing short of spectacular. Sports Day concluded with a massive, joyous water fight among all the departments at Woosong. Each department prepared their own buckets and water balloons, and the campus was soon filled with laughter, creating memories that would last a lifetime. The energy, the competition, and the community spirit on display were a testament to the strength and vibrancy of the SolBridge and Woosong family.