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A trip to the National Museum of Korea

Category : [2024]| Writer : SolBridge | Date : 2024.04.09 | Hit : 1,762

Phan Thanh Nga shares her experience of the last student excursion to the National Museum of Korea, known for its preservation of over 5000 years of Korean art, culture and history. 

"On April 6th, 2024, our students had the Excursion held by the Student Council to a must-visit historical site that preserves thousands of artifacts from ancient times to the modern era in various aspects, such as art and culture, the National Museum of Korea.

Nestled in the heart of Seoul, the museum offers visitors a captivating journey through Korea’s history, art, and traditions with its comprehensive exhibits. We arrived at the museum around 10 AM, and I was astonished at how massive the museum was! It was designed to harmonize with the surrounding landscape, its modern aesthetic creates a sense of elegance that complements the treasures exhibited inside.


The artifacts' descriptions were in Korean and English, so it was convenient for foreigners like us to immerse ourselves fully in the historical atmosphere throughout the three floors. I really enjoyed being there and gazing at every artifact that was displayed there. It was fascinating to learn about the story of Korea’s past and its enduring legacy behind every treasure. We had a lunch break at 12 PM in a restaurant located inside the museum and then continued exploring the rest of the museum.

Since we only had a few hours left before the departure time back to Daejeon, we quickly wandered around enough for other artifacts and a brief history of those. Then we concluded the day by browsing the souvenir shop on the first floor, and I wish I had bought some because the designs looked very cute and represented Korean culture pretty well.


For a museum lover like me, having this kind of opportunity excites me and I am glad I chose to join this Excursion by the Student Council. I genuinely appreciate them for selecting a place where foreign students can learn about the history of Korea and proof of a well-structured society. I am looking forward to joining even more exciting Excursions with SolBridgers and the Student Council this semester!"