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SolBridge received the official re-accreditation approval from the AACSB Board of Directors

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Congratulations, SolBridge!

SolBridge International School of Business has once again been recognized for its innovative, world-class programs and its excellence in teaching, research, curricular development, co-curricular design, and student learning. SolBridge has successfully earned its second AACSB accreditation – celebrating 10 years as an AACSB accredited school.

Founded in 1916, AACSB is the longest-serving and most influential global accreditation body for business schools worldwide. Only 5% of the business schools globally are AACSB accredited. AACSB maintains rigorous standards for its nearly 900 leading business school members, focusing on mission and strategic management, support for students, faculty and staff, learning and teaching, and academic and professional engagement of students and faculty.  AACSB Accreditation Standards include specific requirements that assist business schools in creating effective learning environments and assessing learning outcomes. Overall, this accreditation guarantees students access to top-notch curricula, professors, and learning experiences.

Since its establishment in 2008, SolBridge has enjoyed a strong reputation, both within Korea and in Asia. SolBridge prides itself on being a two-time winner of the AACSB Innovations that Inspire Award: the first for a debate outreach program in which SolBridge Debating Society served as an instrument for promoting social change, empowering students as change agents and developing a leadership and entrepreneurial spirit within the individual. SolBridge was awarded the second Innovations that Inspire Award for the “Think Global, Act Local – On the Track for Change program”. An initiative where SolBridge partnered with local government initiatives to transform local platforms into sites for global exchange. These “globalization” initiatives enabled SolBridge to spearhead meaningful change and nurture future community leaders.

SolBridge has also fostered future global thought leaders through its Beta Gamma Sigma Honors Society. Guided by our SolBridge Beta Gamma Sigma Chapter vision: “Become your Greatest Self”, our SolBridge Beta Gamma Sigma members have proven their commitment to fostering community, enhancing the student experience at SolBridge, and making a positive societal impact in Korea. The SolBridge Beta Gamma Sigma Chapter has received High Honors and Highest Honors several times over and we will continue to shine and grow moving forward. 

In 2023, SolBridge underwent a rigorous review process conducted by peers in the business education community, ensuring that the school has the resources, credentials, and commitment required to provide the best business education for our students. On the 8th of February, SolBridge received the official re-accreditation approval from the AACSB Board of Directors. SolBridge is honored to be guided by AACSB principles for another five years.

Congratulations to SolBridge faculty, staff, and students – who under the close guidance and commitment of Dean Joshua Park – were able to showcase the best of what SolBridge has to offer and who worked tirelessly to secure this reaccreditation once again.

We shall continue to work closely with the AACSB to ensure we offer the best quality business education to our students and that we continue to make a positive impact globally.