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Juwono Alice Pamela: BBA Valedictorian, Class of Fall 2023

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BBA Valedictorian congratulatory remarks during the Fall 2023 commencement ceremony.

"Guests of honor, faculty members, friends, families, and class of fall 2023. Good morning, my name is Alice. And words cannot describe how honored and delighted I am to stand before you on this special occasion.



Reflecting on the challenges of surviving the pandemic, moving to South Korea, navigating immigration hurdles in a language unfamiliar to us, confronting our anxieties, fears, and traumas, balancing our academic and private commitments. All these while missing a familiar support system. It has undeniably been a formidable journey and at that time we couldn’t even imagine being here today. So, congratulations!


Throughout our life here at SolBridge, some of us found their best friends, some of us got to know inspiring mentors and professors, while some others found themselves.


Being thousands of miles away from our family and loved ones has not always been easy, and will not always be easy, but I know for all of us, today is just the beginning of a journey full of more challenges, sweat, and tears, but perhaps, also, more joy and contentment.


Nonetheless, I just hope there will be no tears at the airport, no more nights when we feel the loneliest, and no more days when we feel like giving up. But if there are, I hope you have the strength and belief in yourself that you can overcome everything, just like what you had done before.


And please remember, not having everything figured out today, tomorrow, or even years after this day, is completely normal. We don’t have to have the answer of where we see ourselves in 5 or 10 years, because we don’t even know what tomorrow has for us. There’s no one that can decide the things we need to do at a certain time, no time limit to how much we’re allowed to explore and to fail, and no standards to meet when defining our own happiness.


I hope you say more good things to yourself, and express love more boldly to your loved ones. I hope you have the freedom to take a moment and enjoy the little things in life, and the bravery to let go of things you need to let go. I hope you appreciate your own efforts and smallest achievements, as much as you admire other people’s success.


But most of all, I hope you take courage in doing the things that make you happiest, and in getting lost while finding the things that make your heart race.


I sincerely wish you all the best things in life and let today mark the beginning of our exciting life-long adventure. Thank you."


Juwono Alice Pamela: BBA Valedictorian, Class of Fall 2023