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Woosong Sports Day 2022

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From May 8-20th May 2022, Woosong University hosted its annual inter-departmental sports competition after a two-year break due to the pandemic. SolBridge students participated in different activities, including Football and Dodgeball, and placed 3rd in the football matches. 


Below is an account of one of the SolBridge students that participated in the football matches. 


 "Woosong Sports Day 2022 was one of the most exciting and awaited events since I came to SolBridge. Unfortunately, due to the regulations, we could not have such events for two years, so it was a big excitement for all of us. I was one of the football players at that event, and I would like to share some memorable moments with you all. 

The first thing was the training before the tournament itself. Both football and dodgeball teams gathered and started training 2-3 months before the games began. It was a good idea because we got in good shape, ready to battle.

Moving on to the start of Sports Day 2022, we were all nervous about our first match, primarily due to the number of people who came to support us. However, the cheerleaders tried their best to help us win the game with their support. 


As the matches went by, team nervosity came down, but the help of the supporters never stopped. Finally, in the semi-final match, we met with one of the strongest teams – the Sports Department. Overall, the game was enjoyable, despite some hiccups. Unfortunately, we lost the match 1-3. However, the next day, we got our bronze, winning the last game with a score of 7-0. It was a great way to finish the tournament.


Woosong Sports Day 2022 was one of the fascinating events throughout my time at SolBridge. I want to thank the supporters and cheerleaders; without them, we would not achieve these results." 


We want to acknowledge all the participants for showcasing the 'SolBridge spirit,' passion, and teamwork, and congratulations to SolBridge FC for placing 3rd in the tournament.